211 W. Pleasant St.
Portage, WI 53901

(608) 352-0512


Worship at 3:30pm

Potluck Dinner on the first Sunday of the month at 4:45ish

Coffee and treats follow service on all other Sundays

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St John the Baptist Episcopal Church is rebooting!

St John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Portage is a historic church in a historic downtown. We’ve been in town since 1853 and in our current building since 1899. We’ve had some good years, some good decades since then, but like a lot of downtown Portage, St. John’s isn’t currently the vibrant place that it once was. That’s not much different than many Protestant churches in rural America today.

St. John’s has a vision for doing something about that. We have a vision that our best days are not yet past, that are best days are yet ahead of us.


We believe that the God who sent Jesus Christ to rescue the world is not done with his work to redeem, heal and restore people in Portage who feel far from God, who feel like their pasts have disqualified them from the church, who feel like they are alone and unloved.


What do we mean by rebooting?

As a church, we’re starting over again, and we’re questioning all our assumptions.


Starting November 5, we’ll meet on Sunday afternoons at 3:30. It’s a new time to allow folks to enjoy Sunday morning with their families and then to meet together as a Christian community in the late afternoon. Each week, we’ll follow our service with dinner together in our parish hall.​

Nursery care for ages infant-age 4 is available beginning November 5. The nursery is located in the parish hall.

The Community at St. John's 

There are lots of churches where you can come and go and be anonymous. St. John’s is hoping to be the opposite of that: a church where you can come and be known for who you really are, and be loved anyway. A church where, no matter what’s in your past, you can come and know that the God who loves us in Jesus Christ sets us free from our worst mistakes and our deepest regrets. A church where everyone is welcome to worship and to serve in ministry together. A church that goes out into Portage to love this community in tangible ways so that people can find healing and freedom in Jesus Christ.

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Father Dave Mowers, Vicar of St. John's Portage

Father Dave Mowers, Vicar of St. John's Portage